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Looking for insider information on hiking trails and destinations like the Appalachian Trail, the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness, or Isle Royale National Park ? Find these and more in our In-Depth section. Browse the links at the top of the page to find even more info on hiking gear, hiking tips and articles, hiking vacations, and more!


Hikers Thru-Hiking the Superior Hiking Trail

We've got an inside scoop on a hiker and her dog taking on the entire length of the Superior Hiking Trail - the 205 mile trail running along the north shore of Lake Superior from Two Harbors, MN to the Canadian border. Check back soon to find out all the details, such as how long it took, the gear she carried, how the dog fared, what sort of planning was necessary, and more! Check out www.shta.org in the meantime to get acquainted with this wonderful walk with waterfalls, woods, and fabulous views.


Hikers Hiking the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Hiker"Browsing through my photo albums from over a decade of traveling and adventuring I found great scenery and memories from my hikes on the AT and bike travels out west…..but one glaring hole really jumped out at me. I had never been to Arizona, and therefore had never hiked an icon of the Great American West, The Grand Canyon." Brian Burnham of Cirque Productions (TREK - A Journey on the Appalachian Trail) reminisces about this classic hike. Click here to read more!


Hikers Hiking and Gear Tips and Articles

Just before the peak we quickly learned what would soon become our best known defensive measure to remaining calm. With the thunder and lightning now upon us and pea size hail pelting our skin, we proceeded back into the western or northern side of Whistling Gap... Read more from Storm Stories
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Hikers Tales From the A.T.

Appalachian Trail - Mt. KatahdinThinking about hiking the Appalachian Trail? Get a peek into life on the trail with our Appalachian Trail Newsletter survey. Completed by almost 50 thru-hikers from 2003, you'll get a preview of what's to come, like the...

Top Surprises on the Appalachian Trail | Cost of Hiking the AT
Top Twelve Gear Items | Best and Worst of the Trail
Lessons Learned


Hikers Hiking Journals

Lake Desor, Isle Royale National ParkIt was 4:00 Sunday morning when I heard something up on the ridge behind us. I elbowed Andy. "Did you hear that?!?" He did. It was still so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. We layed there listening. My first reaction was that it was an owl, but it kept on. It was a yelping, and a howling - all kinds of noises at once. It was loud, louder than anything I wanted to hear in the woods in the middle of the night... Read more Isle Royale National Park Hiking Journals


Hikers Be Prepared for Mother Nature

When it comes to hiking and other outdoor activities, the one thing everyone agrees on is making sure you have the proper equipment. From footwear to outerwear and everything in-between, being prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you is important. Enjoy the great outdoors but do so safely.


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