Appalachian Trail Journals 03-30-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #9 – March 30, 2003

Well, we’re here – on the Trail at last! Stayed in Gainesville, GA last night. When we got in on the train, there was a cab waiting for a customer. He asked right when we got off if we were going to Amicalola. We said yes, but not till tomorrow & asked if he drives to the top of Springer Mtn. He said he did. So, we were set without having to do much at all. He brought us to the Holiday Inn, and we told him we’d call in the morning. We were at the hotel around 8 AM, and luckily they let us check in, so we had an awesome day getting our stuff ready, watching TV, etc. We did have to change rooms, though. We were watching a movie when all of a sudden we heard a bunch of water dripping/gushing. It was coming our of the ceiling in the bathroom. It was bulging like it was going to collapse.

Anyway, Ronnie picked us up @ 8 the next morning. It was funny, cause he doesn’t drive up to Springer often so we had to read directions for him. He was a nice guy – told us all kinds of stories on the way. We finally got the the Trail, off of Cty Rd 42. We talked with a few people that were also starting their hike, took a couple pics, and then headed up Springer to the start of the AT. Up at the top, we took some more pix by the plaques, and talked a little more. There was snow up in this area, and it was pretty windy. There was no view from Springer Mtn – It was all clouded over. We headed back down the mtn (we had to backtrack to the parking lot 1 mile away) and were on our way. It was a great hike and wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle. We’re now at the Hawk Mtn Shelter, which I think is about 7 miles down the Trail. It started snowing quite a bit before we headed into the tent. I hear it’s supposed to get down to single digits tonight. BRRR! It’s windy out & I can see my breath in the tent…