Appalachian Trail Journals 04-04-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #14 – April 4, 2003

Across the Mountains of the Ages my body leaves labor spent
But not until I hear that loon’s song will my heart be home again…

2:30 PM – Stopped tonight @ Blue Mountain Shelter. Actually, left Low Gap @ 8:00 AM and made it here around noon and decided to stay. Most of the people we started with have pulled ahead. Tomorrow we’ll go on to Tray Mtn. I guess the Boy Scouts are fixing meals for hikers all weekend. A couple of days from now we’ll be in Hiawassee, I suppose. 30 miles until we’re out of Georgia.

4:30 PM – You’d think this trip would start to make a person go crazy. Well it’s only been 6 days, I guess, but overall I feel saner and saner and saner every second. I have basically spent the last 4 hours just sitting and watching and chatting a bit here and there. Supposed to rain tonight – glad we are in the shelter. It’s a full house. Everything is very simple on the Trail. you wake, you eat, you walk, you stop, you eat, you sleep. Over and over – 30 miles or so until we’re out of Georgia. Oops – I said that already. A note – I’ve decided to send pages back from my journal instead of copying them or whatever. So…Ihave no idea what I’ve already written about. Note #2 – I am basically only writing the events of the day here. No time for building the suspense like Isle Royale. And, unfortunately, by the time we’re done I’ll probably have forgotten most of the stuff that has happened, so what you see is what you get.

7:20 PM – We had some awesome Trail Magic this evening. A guy named Doug (3-Piece) hiked up from Unicoi Gap with hot dogs, buns, pop and Little Debbies – It was a feast! The shelter is packed, but we’re having a good time. We blocked the wind with a big tarp & we’re toasty. Andy just got his Trail Name – Sven Saw. Ha HA! Tomorrow it’s on to Tray Mtn. (Arghh – we just found our first mouse of the night and we’re not even in our bags yet! Yuck-O!)