Appalachian Trail Journals 05-03-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #40 – May 3, 2003

8:40 PM – Had a pretty good hike today – about 12 miles I think. The surroundings were pretty varied today. Started out in the usual hardwoods, moved onto a burned area, then to Beauty Spot, a large bald that was supposed to have a great view. Unfortunately, the day started foggy & damp, so we couldn’t see anything. Soon after that we headed up Unaka Mtn where there was a big Red Spruce stand. Supposedly it’s similar to Maine. It reminded me of Isle Royale a bit, or northern MN. Ended up at Cherry Gap Shelter. There are tons of people that showed up here this afternoon, coming out of Erwin. So, we are in ANOTHER mob of people again.