Appalachian Trail Journals 05-31-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #62 – May 31, 2003

9:05 PM – Woke this morning to thunderstorms rolling through, so stayed in our sleeping bags late. Was 10:00 by the time we started hiking. Stopped at War Spur Station (8 miles) for a long lunch break. Just when we got in, it started raining again. Ended up staying an hour while the storm blew through.

Got going around 3:30 and right away had to cross a stream – too big to walk through (unless you wanted to get wet). The “bridge” was 3 logs laid over the creek. 3 soaked, moldy, slick logs in a dark, dank riverbed. DoubleDare was with us, too – we all took one look & said no way were we crossing those logs. Searched for a while and couldn’t even find a spot to walk rocks across. Finally, Andy found a pretty narrow sport where you could step down onto a big root, plant your hiking sticks and hop across to some shallow rocks. He made it pretty easy. I was hesitant, as I could hardly plant my sticks without them gettin ghauled off in the current, but I actually managed it. Then it was DoubleDare’s turn. He didn’t take a big enough step, slipped and before we knew it, he was laying in the stream, pack and all, with the water rushing over him! He whacked his knee pretty good, but otherwise was OK. We couldn’t help but laugh a bit, since it was so comical – but only after we knew he was OK, haha! Is this what it has come down to? Other people’s misfortune bringing me pleasure, heeHEE! 🙂

Rained on & off the rest of the hike. Made it to Laurel Creek Shelter in time to get spots inside. NOT sure why, but quite a few people had decided to tent instead!

Hoping for some SUN tomorrow, or at least no rain. Maybe some big miles, too…?