Appalachian Trail Journals 06-09-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #68 – June 9, 2003

9:55 PM – Surprise, surprise – woke to another rainy morning @ Thunder Hill Shelter. Well, I guess it wasn’t raining right away. Left around 7:30 AM, and the rain started somewhere along the way.

Cruised through the easy terrain and were at the James River Footbridge around 12:30 or so. By this point we were soaked yet again and had made up our minds to go into town and stay for the night. At the road we were lucky to bump into a guy whose son is thru-hiking. He was going to be doing Trail Magic there. We had Cokes, fruit and donuts (Krispy Kremes), and then he gave us a ride to Glasgow, VA. Yippee!

Stayed @ the Wright Place Motel, did laundry, stuffed our guts with junk food and all that jazz.

Left late this morning – around noon. We had a hard time getting a ride back to the Trail – no one stopping, not even many going in the right direction. Finally a girl in a pickup stopped for us. We crammed in the bed of the mini truck with all kinds of other junk. I don’t know if it’s because we have been going 2 mph for the last 2 months, or if everyone in the south drives like hell, but every time I am in a car, I am holding on for dear life and trying not to puke.

Did 15 miles out of town to a campsite along Little Irish Creek where there is Big Trail Magic! A guy (former thru-hiker) and his wife are here until Thursday cooking dinner and breakfast – YAY! Had a hot dog, beans, coleslaw & pop when we got here. Breakfast (real breakfast) in the morning! Oh-and the sun was shining all day, and we tented by choice. Tomorrow is even supposed to be nice, too! 🙂