Appalachian Trail Journals 06-11-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #70 – June 11, 2003

9:00 PM – Had a nice peaceful night in our tent @ Hog Pen Gap. Even had a swing in a tree. Got up around 6, and were hiking by 7, to make it for the free lunch shuttle.

We were an hour early – there @ 11:30. Had to walk down a hill on a gravel road for a half mile(?) or so. We sat and waited and waited. Loser & Dutch showed a little before 12:30. We waited longer. It was 1:00 then, and no sign of the shuttle. Dutch decided there really was no such thing as a free lunch & left. Around 1:15 we decided the shuttle wasn’t coming, so we got up to leave. Lo & behold – a truck came rambling up the road! Lois of the Dutch Haus B & B loaded us in & brought us down to Montebello. Stopped @ teh store & got some ice cream & a couple snacks. Then she took us for lunch @ her place – hot dogs, oranges, potato salad & lemonade. We were very glad we hadn’t left. She brought us back to the road afterwards. Thanks for the free lunch! 🙂

After that it was about 5 miles to The Priest Shelter. Started thundering a couple miles before, but the rain held our till we got here. Ate a lot & relaxed a bit. Here with Loser, Spunky, LeapYear, Fenix, Shwag & Oddwalla. Maybe on to Rusty’s Hard Time Hollow Hostel tomorrow? Waynesboro Friday for sure.