Appalachian Trail Journals 06-19-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #76 – June 19, 2003

9:30 PM – OK, We got sucked into going to town. Two section hikers who had their cars right by the shelter offered to give us a ride. Went about 3 miles out of the park to the Country View Motel. The caretaker said he didn’t have any rooms available but he did have a “cottage” on the river in town that we could stay @ for the same price – $35. OK, we said. He drove us the other 3 or so miles into town to the “cottage.” It was kind of a little shed-turned-apartment that he rents by the week. On the same lot was an old house, but not just a house – he called it the boarding house. Great! We hiked almost 900 miles to be murdered in some backyard shed in the bad part of Elkton, VA! The place was pretty cool, though. No one else was around, and our little “home” had all the comforts including stove, refridgerator & microwave. AND cable, of course. Even had a stray cat for a pet that hung out on the front porch.

After we settled in, we walked up to the grocery store for resupply & food to eat @ our place. Ate @ the Chinese Buffet while we were there. When we got back to the cottage, we found a special treat. Our kitty friend had torn up a rabbit and left the bottom half on the doormat, guts spilling out & all.

Had an alright night. Cooked cheeseburgers & pigged out on all kinds of stuff. The guy picked us up in the morning & we were on the Trail again by 9:30. Hiked about 13 miles to Bearfence Hut. Less than a mile before was the campstore, so we stopped for some ice cream & stuff. Saw 2 bears today – Yay! – finally. The first just stood on the Trail for quite awhile until we annoyed it enough. It walked about 20 feet off & we passed it by. The second was a lone cub – not sure where the mom was, so we cruised by.

In the shelter tonight. I was startled when I pulled out my sleeping bag and found it smells like the cheeseburgers we cooked last night!

YIKES! Stay away, bears….