Appalachian Trail Journals 07-11-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #92 – July 11, 2003

9:40 PM – Fell asleep while it was still light last night and slept until past 7. I guess I needed it.

Left just before 9 and made it in to Port Clinton around 2:30. We’re running ahead of schedule, so we beat our mail drop. They have free camping for hikers in town in this big pavilion. It’s covered, with a wooden floor, so there are a lot of hikers here. We’ve got our sleeping pads set out – hopefully there are no mice. Or, not many, at least.

A neat little town, though not much for shopping. They do have an outfitter, but we didn’t find anything worth spending money on or carrying.

Have a bar here, too (bar/hotel), so we had a couple of beers and a huge plate of cheese fries. Also have a store called the Port Clinton Peanut Shop – a candy store with everything imaginable. Being so hungry going in, it made my head spin. Could hardly decide on anything, because I wanted everything!! It drives Andy nuts, ha, HA!

Have not been feeling the best the last couple days. A bit of a headache. Maybe I need to drink more water.

Will check for our package in the morning, and possibly stay for lunch – there’s a free hiker feed!