Appalachian Trail Journals 07-12-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #93 – July 12, 2003

8:50 PM – Slept in late, maybe 7:30 or so. Decided to skip the free food. I guess we just wanted to get out of town and away from the mob that was piling up there. Our package didn’t come in, so we’re forwarding it on to Connecticut. That sounds crazy – Connecticut!! It’s only a couple hundred miles away, though. We’ve come 1,215 miles now. It’s really the countdown – less than 1,000 miles left! 958 to be exact! The miles are going to start flying by – at least I hope. It will be good to be going through different states now – not like Virginia. It must have taken a month & a half.

After the PO, we picked up a few supplies, but not many. This way we’ll be able to carry less, since we’ll be able to resupply easily in a couple days.

Went over some rocky trails today & had some great views of PA farmland, looking like a patchwork quilt. At the first good overlook, called Pulpit Rock there were a few army guys. They were preparing for some kind of training exercise & using the view to do so. We went on our way over the rocky trail. 2.2 miles later we came to the next overlook, the pinnacle. Who should show up, but the army guys. We had a good laugh, as they drove up & we beat them walking. They told us we made pretty good time, ha, Ha.

Staying at the Eckville Shelter tonight. It’s actually at an AT caretakers place. There’s a little bunkhouse, flush toilet, solar shower and a refrigerator with pop and ice cream! A great place. We’re tenting, mostly because of the bugs. Here with Mello Yello, Constant Motion, Elf and Morph. Some section hikers here, too.