Appalachian Trail Journals 07-28-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #104 – July 28, 2003

8:40 PM – A guy named Cornpatch always writes in the shelter registers that “God made another fantastic day” no matter what misery he went through on that particular one. I suppose it is true. We by no means had a miserable day, but the trail is starting to wear on us. Well, probably me more – definitely, actually.

Had a nice evening @ Graymoor with Groovy, Play, Doc, Llama, Coy, Ace, Elf, Jimmy and some others. Guess it rained pretty good, with some strong winds, but I was able to sleep through it for the most part.

A pretty uneventful day of hiking. We were po’ed @ the design of the trail yet again. It took us around the lake @ Fahnestock State Park. By “around” I mean up on the ridge over the lake – not even a view. Until the end, that is, where we climbed a huge mountain only to have to look straight down @ the beach where all the fun was. Sure, you could take a side trail that went 500 ft down the ridge – vertically. I think everyone is getting pretty tired of being led up & down & every which way, except to the places we really want to go. They’ll lead the trail down main street of towns but they can’t even put it within a mile of the beach. Oh well. Hiked on to the Shenandoah campsite. There’s a well, privy and picnic tables – pretty nice. Ace also showed up. We seem to have set up our tent under a pear tree…We hope bears don’t like pears.

Our first wedding anniversary is coming up on the 10th of August! Hopefully we’ll be able to do something fun.

The spark is gone, replaced by a Flame.
Its heat is constant; Love is Its name.