Appalachian Trail Journals 07-30-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #106 – July 30, 2003

9:30 PM – Another long day – We’ve been pushing out the 18 miles. We had a lot of opportunities to break it up, though. Passed the Dover Oak (Largest oak on the AT) right away. After that we passed by the AT train station. A stop for the metro into New York, etc, right on the trail. Stopped at a hot dog stand next for an early lunch – well, a midmorning snack, I guess. Took our real lunch break at a shelter & Andy washed his socks & put on his new ones for the first time. Mine are pretty crusty, but I figured I’d wait till town tomorrow when we do laundry.

In the afternoon, we took a .4-mile side trip and saw our first covered bridge, called Bull’s Bridge. Pretty neat, but weird how boards bend even when walking across, and it gets a lot of auto traffic, too. Also stopped at the market & had our first ever Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream. Me, Cherry Garcia – Andy, Chunky Monkey. Very Good!

From there it was up another mountain and we arrived at the Schaghticoke Mountain campsite a little after 8:00. We’re only 3 miles from Kent, CT already. New England – Finally!!!

The funniest thing I saw on the trail today was a crayfish! How funny!! I was trucking along in a grassy spot when all of a sudden this little thing reared up in front of me!! Andy started poking at it (well, near it) with his stick, and it was about to fight, looking all fierce and snapping his claws. I noticed then there was a little stream 10 feet or so through the grass, along the trail. Hope he wised up & took cover after we left…