Appalachian Trail Journals 08-10-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #114 – August 10, 2003

5:00 PM – Had just a 3-mile walk into Dalton yesterday. Our first stop was the post office where we picked up our mail drop. My sister had put a bunch of fun candy and stuff in the box, along with an anniversary card for Andy and I. My mom sent one, too – it was fun to get that extra stuff. It was getting extremely hot & humid out while we were @ the PO & it was only 10 AM or so. Next we wanted to go to the library to check our e-mail & go on the internet. It opened @ 11, so we had to wait awhile. We were the first ones there so we were able to check it out right away. Unfortunately, Andy had some bad news waiting. His Grandpa had passed away last week. We knew he had been in the hospital and was having a hard time, but I guess we never realized how hard until it was too late. I know Andy regrets not being there at the time, and not being able to get back for the funeral. Like I’ve said before though, it’s strange out here. We get so detached from real life – we just don’t seem to be part of it. It’s scary to think of how easily people and things and memories can slip away while you’re not paying attention.

Well, after the library we decided just to stay in town – got a room @ the Shamrock Inn. It was still so early that we really got to relax for the rest of the day. Watched TV, made phone calls and ate a bunch. It was a nice time – plus, our first anniversary was the next day, so we didn’t feel too guilty about staying.

Headed out around 10 AM today (the actual anniversary day!) and the rain started right away. My pretty good mood was immediately shot to hell. The hiking was pretty easy at least. It rained on and off for the 9 miles until Cheshire, MA. We had heard there was a church available for hikers to stay for free. Came up to check it out. I was worried that a storm might be coming this afternoon, so I really preferred to stay. Andy decided it was OK with him, so here we are. A lazy day, but it’s not often there’s a clean, dry place to stay with restrooms and kitchen for free. Of course, the weather has been pretty nice all afternoon. I really wished a storm would come through, since we are all safe and sound. We can never win…