Appalachian Trail Journals 08-16-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #120 – August 16, 2003

7:30 PM – What a comfy bed that was @ the Sutton Place. Got up fairly early & we’re planning on going to McDonald’s again! But Frank (the owner of the house) offered to give us a ride up to the trail with an old couple that was hiking south. Decided to take him up on the offer, since we weren’t sure how hard of a hitch it would be.

Got to the Trailhead & sat to eat breakfast. Guess who showed up? Loser! We were pretty surprised, since we weren’t sure where he’s been lately. Talked awhile & then he headed into town & we were up the trail. It was 3 miles up to the top of Bromley Mtn. At the top we found a ski area, with lifts, an observation deck and best of all a ski patrol hut. In the summer hikers use the hut – it’s the Best. Tables inside, benches to sleep on, hooks everywhere and a working phone. We got here at 11:00 and decided to stay. The weather had said rain and storms possible, so we couldn’t pass up such a great spot. A storm did come through around 3 or so. Very glad to be under a roof! Repaired some of our gear & lazed around. A good day. Blaze, Bull, and Shy T are also here for the night now.

Air sure is cool outside now. There is a fabulous view from the observation deck.