Appalachian Trail Journals 08-24-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #125 – August 24, 2003

7:15 PM – Well, back after another unplanned vacation. When we left the Wintturi Shelter on the 20th we were planning on 22 miles, but right away in the day we were beat. Andy wasn’t feeling well either – almost like he was getting sick. At lunch time he didn’t think he’d be able to do 9 more miles to the next shelter. It was 5 miles to West Hartford where there was a store. We took a break & ate at the store & made the decision to get a ride into White River Junction & the Super 8 motel. It took awhile before someone picked us up & it was getting late – around 6 or 7, but finally we were on our way. We got a great deal for a room in which the A/C wasn’t working. We took it for two nights. A zero day -Yippee!!!

So, the next day we took the free bus into Hanover, NH, where we picked up our mail drops with colder weather gear and sent back some of our other stuff. Went to the library & to Ben & Jerry’s, and by the time we were done it was around 6:00. It was too bad that we weren’t able to look around the town a bit more. They had some neat shops & touristy stuff, but also a lot of snobby expensive type stuff. Dartmouth College town, after all. But, we wanted to get back and be able to relax at our hotel room for a while. Unfortunately, we were pretty sure the buses were done for the day, so we tried to call a cab but the phone we used wasn’t working right. Walked up towards the gas station then to find another phone when I saw the bus going by – then slamming to a stop. Andy had flagged it down from behind me. Yippee! It’s funny how often things work out like that. The phone didn’t work so we walked on and ended up catching a free bus.

Back at the hotel we realized we had to eat dinner so we walked to McDonald’s where we pigged out yet again. Stayed up late watching TV.

Got up in the morning and I did NOT want to leave. I thought of a great plan where we could get a ride to West Hartford where we had left the Trail, hike to Hanover, and take a free bus back to the hotel, then take the bus to Hanover the next morning and continue hiking. Well, we found out the bus didn’t run on the weekends (it was Saturday). Called a cab company & it was way too much to spend on 3 rides all over the place. It looked like we were going to have to hike & I was crushed. It ended up that Andy said he still wasn’t feeling the greatest, and we were getting such a great room rate that we decided to stay anyway. Finally, a day to relax, since we were stuck there with only our feet for transportation. Had a great lunch @ the Chinese Buffet, swam in the outdoor pool and watched a lot of TV. What a great mini-vacation. We sure got our fill of their mini-continental breakfast @ the hotel, too. Andy’s pack is stocked with bagels.

I didn’t want to leave this morning, either, but Andy was pretty chipper & it was time to get back on the Trail. Took a cab back to West Hartford & hiked into Hanover. Had a good dinner @ a restaurant there and did the mile out of town to the Velvet Rocks Shelter.

Pretty much a dump, but the weather is still nice so we’re tenting. Orbit just came in & the temp on Mt Washington was 22 degrees this morning – single digits with wind-chill!!

Roads were closed because of ice! OY! It’s gonna be chilly. But I’d rather have snow then lightning.

My mood sure was poor this morning. Some days I hate this hike soo much. Then I wonder what’s up?, since we did this because we were unhappy with the way things were before. Now this is making me unhappy & I want things back to normal. The main thing we want when we get back is not to get trapped in a lifestyle we don’t want.