Appalachian Trail Journals 08-26-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #127 – August 26, 2003

8:00 PM – Had a bit of a lazy morning today – which was OK. The privy @ Trapper John was pretty funny – it had a big chair with arms & a back sitting right on top of the pot. I think it’s my #2 favorite privy behind the one on Mt Rogers.

Walked just about a half mile down to the road where we settled down to try to catch a ride into town. There was no traffic, so we started to worry. But after only a few minutes, the first car came by & picked us up! Off we went to pick up a crapload of snacks @ Lyme Country Store. Got a ride back pretty quick too.

So on we went up the trail. Passed a great viewpoint – the firetower on Smarts Mtn. The weather was pretty fair, but the sky seemed a little hazy, so maybe it wasn’t the most perfect view ever, but we could certainly see almost forever. It’s weird to look out over the hills that go on and on to the horizon, as far as we can see, and think that we’ve walked that whole distance and so much more.

We’ve ended up at the Hexacube Shelter. Here with one other – a SoBo named One-Off. The shelter is shaped like a hexagon, and the privy is a pentagon. It’s got a big sign on the front that says “Penta Privy” and a big upside down pentagon. Very odd. One-Off was very happy that we showed up & that we didn’t have to stay in this crazy, cursed shelter alone.

I saw an owl on the Trail today. Sitting on a stump ahead. It stared for a while and then flew up into a tree where it stared some more, with its big dark eyes.

On to Glencliff tomorrow, to the hostel! After that it’s the Whites.