Appalachian Trail Journals 09-09-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #139 – September 9, 2003

7:05 PM – Not sure what I last wrote, since I sent my journals home.

Had a half hour walk from the Rattle River Shelter to the road, and then got a ride into Gorham. Even though the Barn hostel was supposed to be the best, we wanted to get our own room, especially with me being sick. Went down to the other hostel – Hiker’s Paradise (also the Colonial Comfort Motel) and got a pretty good deal on a room. TV, phone, fridge, stove, bathroom, bed – perfect! We’d heard Hiker’s Paradise wasn’t the place to stay, but maybe that’s just the hostel part. The owners seemed nice enough, and the place was decent.

Got a few things done since we were in quite early-10 or so. Got groceries, ate, etc. We were able to use bikes to ride around town. It was pretty cool to be able to get places so fast, not having to walk everywhere. Andy’s bike got a flat right away, so he had to switch. Yes, we looked pretty geeky riding around on our old rusty red and yellow spray-painted bikes, but that’s hiker life. Watched some football too, but were disappointed we couldn’t get the Vikings/Packers game. Vikes won, though – Yippee! Saw some familiar faces in town – 1/3, Martha Graham, Blink Blink & Scubaman.

Well, Monday rolled around and I felt like I needed another day, so we stayed again. Glad we did. Relaxed some more & did more town chores.

Left this morning with heavy packs. We’re doing a couple short days (10 miles) to try to set ourselves up for Mahoosuc Notch Thursday morning. The weather’s supposed to be good all week – WOW!

Had some nice views on the hike today, and excellent weather – clear blue skies & sun. It is getting so boring, boring, boring. I’m ready to be done! Only about 288 miles left. I’ve come to the conclusion that only NorthBounders who are still having a huge amount of fun on a daily basis is either a complete idiot or super genius. The idiot being incredibly easily amused, and the genius being able to occupy himself by maybe doing complex mathematical equations, or maybe he has a photographic memory & can go to the library, flip through some books and read them in his head while he’s hiking.