Appalachian Trail Journals 09-18-03

Journals From A 2003 Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (by Loony)

Entry #146 – September 18, 2003

8:30 PM – Had another ok day of hiking – only 195 miles left, woo-Hoo!!!! It was another sunny day, but the wind seems pretty chilly lately. Listened to the radio all day while hiking. Most of the time I can’t do that cause the stations don’t come in well enough, but today we passed by Sugarloaf Mtn, with a bunch of radio antennas, so it worked out well. One of the stations I was listening to had a promo about broadcasting from the top of Sugarloaf practically every commercial break! Had a couple of stream crossings today. There are few bridges here in Maine, mostly because they get destroyed in the spring by ice & flooding. So there are many streams & rivers we’re supposed to ford. Luckily we’ve been able to cross on rocks on all of them so far. Not looking forward to getting my feet wet in any deep ones!

Tenting at Crocker Cirque Campsite tonight with Loser & Leaf. I have heard all kinds of weather reports for the next two days – rain, no rain, partly cloudy, windy, sunny, etc. Hopefully nothing too serious. 7 miles into Stratton tomorrow to resupply & have some lunch.

Auggh – I am surrounded by moths pacing the screen of the tent. One’s kind of neat – white with glowing red eyes. Andy is out at the fire making music with Loser.