Isle Royale Trail Journals 08-16-02

Journals From A 2002 Hike in Isle Royale National Park

August 16, 2002

3:20 PM

Woke up early & headed for McCargoe Cove in hopes of getting a shelter. Left at 7:20 AM and went past Lake Ritchie and Chickenbone in nice weather. Got to McCargoe around 12:30, but there were no shelters left. We did get a nice individual tent site. The only bad thing about it is that it’s up a HUGE hill. Went down to the lake and took a quick dip (a little chilly!) and washed some clothes. Hopefully the weather will hold out the rest of the night so everything has a chance to dry. We’re feeling pretty sore, but it’s nice the get an early start and then have time to relax.

Oh, and saw a wolf track today down in the swamp between Ritchie and Chickenbone. There was a lot of scat too – seemed pretty fresh.

One thing I haven’t mentioned here – Andy and I are actually on our honeymoon. Our wedding was wonderful. I know it’s the stereotype to say that it’s the happiest day of your life, but it really was. Everything turned out perfect, and we were sad to see it all end…