Isle Royale Trail Journals 08-18-02

Journals From A 2002 Hike in Isle Royale National Park

August 18, 2002

9:00 AM

Hard day yesterday. Packed up tent just in time for rain. Headed out of McCargoe to Big Todd in pouring rain. Lost trail atop a huge ridge & were going back & forth atop the ridge trying to find it – driving rain, cold winds – I was scared we’d get hypothermia! Finally found it & sun came out after a bit. Got to Big Todd & there was an empty shelter. Stopped to break for awhile – a couple guys came along from Hatchet & were glad to know we weren’t staying. Talked a bit & left around 1:00 for Little Todd. Walking was pretty easy – much better than the Greenstone Ridge (this is the Minong Ridge). Was a VERY windy day. Walking among the birch, we were scared a tree would fall & crush us – we heard many snapping. Got to Little Todd around 5:30 or so. One other person here, from the Twin Cities. We had a fire and some s’mores. We’ll head out for Desor soon. Andy might wash his hair – I did mine yesterday – COLD!

(note added 8-20) Found out later there were gale force winds this day – the Voyageur did not take passengers.

5:05 PM

Made it to N. Desor around 2:30 today. The Minong Ridge is pretty grueling. Instead of just hills, it’s all rocky ridges – hard on the feet and legs! We made it in about 4 hours. Nice scenery along the way. Cool walk in to N. Desor – huge maples. Oh, reminds me – the biggest birch tree I’ve ever seen is on the trail from West Chickenbone to McCargoe – 3 feet in diameter? Anyway, it was like an oak – well, I suppose a small oak? Who knows, it was big. Nice sites here – no one’s shown up yet. Rocky slope down to the lake. Tried fishing for just a bit. Now we’re making supper. We’ve got to get going EARLY tomorrow if we want to make the boat @ 3:00. It’s about 13 miles, I think. We have to be on the trail by 6. Hope we can make it – that casino is sounding pretty comfy about now…