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Appalachian Trail 2003 Hiker Survey

The majority of survey responses we received were from northbound thru-hikers, so these results are therefore representative of their experiences. To date we have received 49 replies to our Appalachian Trail survey. According to the ATC, there were 503 hikers that reported finishing the AT in 2003.

Backpacking Gear - Continued

Top Gear Manufacturers and Brands

If you'd like more information about a particular piece of gear, click on the name of the product to read about it.


There were many manufacturer brands listed for shelter, but there were a few that stood out with more votes, such as the MSR Zoid and Sierra Designs tents, and the Hennessy Hammock.
Tent - 65%
  Bibler Tent
  Equinox Silicon Tent
  Marmot AT
  Mountain Hardwear Trilight 1
  Mountain Hardwear PCT 1
  MSR Zoid 1, 1.5, and 2
  The North Face Canyonlands
  Sierra Designs Clip 3
  Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight
  Sierra Designs Light Year
  Six Moon Designs
  Stephenson Warmlite Tent
  Wanderlust Nomad Tent
Tarp - 14%
Hammock - 12%
  Hennessy Hammock
Bivy - 4%
  Bibler Tripod Bivy
  Outdoor Research Deluxe Bivy


While many hikers start the trail with standard backpacking stoves, most switch over to the pop can style alcohol stoves. They are light, easy to make, and fuel is readily available along the Trail.
Alcohol Stove, Homemade - 57%
Alcohol Stove, Store Brand - 9%
  Trangia Alcohol Stove
Backpacking Stove - 27%
  MSR DragonFly, Pocket Rocket, SuperFly, SimmerLite, and WhisperLite
  Titanium Zip Stove
Esbit Tabs - 7%

More info on top gear manufacturers and brands (including footwear and backpacks) coming soon. Please check back in a few days.


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