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Appalachian Trail 2003 Hiker Survey

The majority of survey responses we received were from northbound thru-hikers, so these results are therefore representative of their experiences. To date we have received 49 replies to our Appalachian Trail survey. According to the ATC, there were 503 hikers that reported finishing the AT in 2003.

Trail Food - Continued

Trail Recipes

We asked hikers what their favorite trail recipes were. The results were not fancy or elaborate, just good, fast, and packed with calories. There are many ideas - eat what you see, or create your own meal.

Instant black beans and rice
Lipton Broccoli and Rice with tuna and mashed potatoes
Lipton noodles with tuna
Lipton Chicken Noodle with Sweet Sue Chicken
Alfredo noodles with chicken and butter
Grits, red pepper, butter, craisins, and bacon bits
Lipton rice with chicken, butter, red pepper, and cheese
Soy protein taco meat with soft shell tortillas, cheese, and taco sauce
Lipton Three Cheese Pasta with salmon
Pizza (made on the trail)
Lipton Spanish Rice with chopped tomato, cheese, and tortillas
Peanut butter on tortilla shells
Bagels with salami and cheese
Bagels with peanut butter
Tortellini with cream tomato sauce
Pasta with parmesan and butter
Spaghetti with garlic salt, butter, dried onions, and parmesan cheese
Dehydrated black beans and rice with salsa, tobasco, and jalapeno jack cheese on soft shell tortillas (cook rice, add salsa and black beans then boil to rehydrate - eat on tortillas with tabasco and cheese)
Velveeta Shells & Cheese with rehydrated tomato, cheese, and tuna
Olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and oregano with pasta and parmesan cheese
Peanut butter and honey on english muffins
Dried hash browned potatoes with cheese, bacon bits, and onion flakes
Soup packet and couscous
Banana leather with walnuts, maple syrup, and chocolate chips

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