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Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia

Around the middle of May, fellow hikers have their chance to come together and reminisce. Trail Days is an annual event held in Damascus, Virginia. The Appalachian Trail passes right through this quiet little town, population about one thousand. In 2003, Trail Days was held from Friday, May16th through the 17th. Hikers start piling in throughout the week and as Friday comes along, this sleepy town turns into a frenzy.

Trail Days Hiker Parade 2003

Many thru-hikers will be either beyond Damascus or perhaps too far behind to make it in time for the event. Don't worry - most have found it pretty easy to hitch a ride. It's a great place to meet up with everyone you've met along the way. There's a parade arranged on Saturday during which Trail Alumni have a "gift" for all the new thru-hikers.

With the festival atmosphere comes great food, music, vendors, and booths set up by some of the leading gear manufacturers and representatives. This is a great chance to revitalize your gear or pick up something new. Gear reps are extremely generous; thru-hikers shouldn't be afraid to state any complaints they may have. If your pack is not fitting right, your boots falling apart, or perhaps you're just not completely satisfied with something, this is your chance to take care of it. Most hikers leave extremely satisified. Last year some of the reps that attended the event were MSR, Gregory, Mountain Hardware, PUR, Leki, Asolo, and more. It's a good idea to consider this when purchasing your gear before the trip. Also, the local outfitters have great discounts throughout the weekend.

Designated camping and hostels are in place, but plan ahead if you need a break from trail life because the B&B's fill up fast. If I remember correctly, there aren't any hotels located in town, so check out Abingdon, about fourteen miles away. There you'll find all your modern necessities such as a movie theater, fast food restaurants, groceries, and more.

We had a great time at Trail Days. Don't miss it!

Trail Days 2006

The 2006 Trail Days Celebration will be held in Damascus, Virginia from May 19 through May 21. Visit the Town of Damascus website for a complete Trail Days schedule.



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