Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Trail Journals 05/26/02

Sunday, May 26th

Today we are headed away from Lake Superior and down the Little Carp River Trail. The scenery was nice, following along the river. We had to cross over a lot of steep ridges (well, it seemed we were only going up the ridges.) The trail was washed away by the river in many places, or blocked by fallen trees. We had two river crossings – we used sticks for poles & crossed on rocks an/or logs. I almost fell on the second – but didn’t! We got to Greenstone Falls around 3:00. After that, the trail turns northeast into a more hardwood forest.

After a couple miles, we made it to the sites on Little Carp River, before Lily Pond. There are only two sites, and one was taken. We took the other and spent the first hour or more wondering where to put the tent, because the whole site is surrounded with dead leaning trees. We finally decided on a spot, against our better judgement, but it would’ve been about 3 more miles to the next sites. We were quite a bit more tired today than yesterday – we did about 9 miles each day. We’re feeling quite a bit better than we have on other trips, though. Great, now there are clouds coming in from the lake – I hope it doesn’t storm, or even get windy – that tree could go at any time!